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Recommended Reading for December 2018

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50 Ways To Love Your Mother By Jane Monachelli Gift ideas for aging parents when all they need is love. This book is a resource for baby boomers whose aging parents are moving into or live in downsized living spaces. Complete with websites and 800 numbers to order the gifts. Click here to purchase


Take Away the Keys, Not the Mobility

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The average American woman will outlive her ability to drive by 10 years, and men, six years, according to a recent study by Consumer Reports. Oftentimes, it’s a family member who must broach the wrenching topic of ending a lifetime in the driver’s seat. Many seniors report that losing their driving privileges is a bigger blow […]


Tips for Caregivers During the Holidays

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During this busy season, we can be tempted to increase unhealthy behavior — such as drinking more alcohol, eating more sweets, getting less sleep and exercising less. This, in turn, lowers our defenses and makes every experience, both positive and negative, seem magnified. Here are some tips to help you come through the holiday season […]


Proven Best Ways to Decrease Your Risk for Alzheimer’s and Dementia

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Strong evidence that anything prevents Alzheimer’s disease is lacking, but a few changes can likely delay memory loss, according to a 2017 review by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. Specific memory training, consistent exercise and controlling high blood pressure offer the best hope, the committee concluded. Members examined the best research on ways to […]


Recommended Reading | October 2017

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Caring for Your Parents: The Complete Family Guide (AARP®) By:  by Hugh Delehanty  (Author), Elinor Ginzler (Author), Mary Pipher (Foreword)   Drawing on AARP’s deep wellspring of expertise in the topic, AARP’s Caring for Your Parents offers both sensitive counsel and a practical road map through the complex emotional terrain many of us face as our parents’ age. This eye-opening book […]


E-Readers Can Bring Back Your Reading Habit

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Did you get an electronic reader (e-reader) for Christmas? Is it still in the box? If it is, you’re probably not alone. Many older adults prefer to avoid technology for as long as possible, and if that’s you, that’s OK. Even if the kids expect it and all of your friends are doing it, there’s […]


Recommended Reading for September 2017

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Recommended Reading Passages in Caregiving: Turning Chaos into Confidence By: Gail Sheehy As a psychotherapist and a wife who spent most of her marriage caring for a husband with cancer and congestive heart failure, Denholm offers practical advice for dealing with the range of emotions that face spousal caregivers. Click here to purchase!


Face the Facts: Topics to Discuss Now with Your Aging Parents (Part 1 of 2)

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Face the Facts: Topics to Discuss Now with Your Aging Parents (Part 1 of 2) As we age and live longer, financial, legal, health care and long term care issues affect families, not just individuals. This guide was created to help families “face the facts” about these important topics. This overview addresses some key areas […]


Recommending Reading for August 2017

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Navigating the Journey of Aging Parents: What Care Receivers Want By  Cheryl Kuba   Caregivers will be made aware of what care receivers truly want during life’s final chapters. Exploring issues of housing, spirituality, personal care and death, Cheryl Kuba has created a testament to the dependent elderly. This book draws on numerous interviews with aging […]


Senior Exercise: Think Swimming!

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The benefits of exercise for seniors cannot be overstated.  However, finding the type of senior exercise that matches the capabilities, inabilities and still has a high level of enjoyment for seniors, can be tricky. Swimming may not be the first activity that comes to mind when considering an exercise program for an elderly person, but […]


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