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Recommended Reading for January 2020

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Don’t Forget Your Sweater, Girl: Sister to Sister Secrets for Aging with Purpose and Humor By, Dr. Marilou Ryder and Jessica Thompson DON’T FORGET YOUR SWEATER, GIRL is a labor of love between two sisters who reached out to women ages 60 and over and asked them to share their hopes and dreams for the […]


The Dilemma of Delirium in Older Patients

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Ill and hospitalized older people sometimes experience episodes of delirium, a state of confusion and disorientation. For centuries considered a transient and reversible condition, delirium in older people is still viewed by many to be a normal consequence of surgery, chronic disease, or infections.


Blood Test for Alzheimer’s up to 94% Accurate

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Early brain changes due to Alzheimer’s disease may soon be detected with a simple blood draw in your doctor’s office, according to researchers. Doctors have been hoping for such a test for years — one that providers can administer in the office at a reasonable cost.


Recommended Reading for December 2019

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Aging Parents:  The Essential Resource Guide for Peace of Mind  by Dorothy Hansen Psy.D. and Betsy Sherry RN BSN M.Ed.  Are you caring for or worrying about an aging parent or elder? Feeling stressed, confused and unprepared to handle problems your elder encounters? You need quick access to answers to your concerns with this complete, easy-to-use resource […]


Annuities and Qualifying for Public Benefits

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Do you own an annuity? Annuities are a complicated subject and even more so when it comes to their effect on the Medicaid or VA Aid and Attendance application process. How can an annuity impact a person’s ability to qualify for Medicaid or VA benefits in the future? To answer the question, let’s start with […]


How Drinking Alcohol Affects Lifespan

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Can moderate consumption lengthen life, or does drinking alcohol mean you won’t live as long? We all know that drinking too much alcohol can be bad for our health. But what is “too much,” and is it only liver disease we have to watch out for? A major study done for the National Institute on […]


Can You Legally Force A Loved One to Move to a Senior Community?

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The writing is on the wall: Your aging loved one is no longer safe living at home. You’ve tried to reason with them, talked about the benefits of senior living, encouraged them to tour local communities, begged, pleaded and bribed, but nothing works. Your loved one refuses to even consider moving. Caregivers encounter all kinds […]


Disappearing Health Care Coverage

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Jobs that until now offered generous retiree health care benefits are doing an about-face to save money. Workers are taking on more and more of the costs of being retired as employers shift the risk away from corporations. “Employer-sponsored retiree health coverage once played a key role in supplementing Medicare,” say Tricia Neuman and Anthony […]


The Effects of Aging on the Nervous System

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Brain function varies normally as people pass from childhood through adulthood to old age. During childhood, the ability to think and reason steadily increases, enabling a child to learn increasingly complex skills. During most of adulthood, brain function is relatively stable. After a certain age, which varies from person to person, brain function declines. Different […]


When is a Person Unfit To Make a Will?

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Testamentary capacity refers to a person’s ability to understand and execute a will. As a general rule, most people who are over the age of eighteen are thought to be competent to make and sign the will. They must be able to understand that they are signing the will, they must understand the nature of […]


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