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Recommended Reading for August 2020

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The Anxiety and Phobia WorkbookWritten by:  Edmund J. Bourne PhD   Ever since the World Health Organization officially cited Coronavirus as a pandemic, the panic level amongst the people has increased notches higher. As a preventive measure, WHO has advised everyone to avoid social gatherings and suggested adopting self-quarantine until things calm down.  However, this situation has made several […]


New studies show a relationship between Alzheimer’s disease and a lack of deep sleep. Nap habits are key.

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Decades before an Alzheimer’s diagnosis is made, those likely to get the disease show disruptions in sleep patterns, in particular, a lack of deep sleep. So says Ruth Benca, a psychiatrist at the University of California Irvine. Her work has followed the parallels between rapid-eye movement (REM) sleep and the development of Alzheimer’s. Now, researchers […]


Your School Grades Affect Your Risk of Dementia

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In a presentation at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference, scientists report that getting good grades in school is among the important factors that can protect against dementia later in life. Experts have known that people with so-called cognitive reserve, or the ability to compensate for the failing parts of the brain in degenerative conditions such as […]


Recommended Reading for July 2020

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Sundown Syndrome (Caring for Aging Parents Book 1)  By:  Edie Dykeman Sundown Syndrome is a symptom of dementia that often reveals itself in the late afternoon or evening. In this book, Edie shares from experience that to expect from Sundown Syndrome and how caregivers and family members can help their loved one while coping with […]


Tips for Staying Positive When Things Get Tough

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Life doesn’t care whether you’re having a good time or not. It’s going to keep ebbing and flowing either way. We all have bad moments, days, or even years. Positivity is a choice you have to practice making. We all know the clichés that are supposed to get us through dark times. “This too shall […]


Entertaining Discussion Topics For Seniors

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With Social Distancing, more of us are talking with seniors by phone and sometimes we run out of topics to discuss. Here are some tips and ideas for engaging conversations! Give them your full attention and be patient with them in case they can’t speak at a faster pace. Do not interrupt them because they […]


The Eight Forgotten Expenses of Retirement Planning

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These surprise costs during retirement can mean canceling that dream vacation, or much worse. You’ve reviewed your budget for retirement and you’re all set … or are you? Usually expenses go down slightly after your working days are over. There’s no longer a use for that professional wardrobe, you don’t need the gas to drive […]


Pickleball Is All the Rage Among Older Adults

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Forget tennis and golf. The “in” crowd is playing pickleball, and they’re having a blast. Recent retiree Ted Crawford moved to Grand Junction, Colorado from Denver just over a year ago “without knowing a soul.” He likes to keep fit and looked to the local college for activities. He discovered a thriving pickleball community and […]


Recommend Reading for May 2020

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Holding the Net: Caring for My Mother on the Tightrope of AgingBy: Melanie P. Merriman  Written for people who have cared for a parent, are currently facing that challenge, or are aging parents themselves, Holding the Net offers practical details about the effects of aging on the body and mind, living arrangements for older people, […]


What To Do about Retirement In a Bear Market

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Stock market investors have taken a big hit in recent weeks, with recent retirees hit hardest. But there are still options on the table. Investors have been stunned with recent portfolio losses as the Dow Jones Industrial Average has racked up eight of its worst 10 days of falls in its history, and the volatility […]


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