Recommended Reading February 2018

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Recommended Reading:
Surviving Alzheimers:  Practical tips and soul-saving wisdom for caregivers

By:  Paula Spencer Scott

The book recommended by dementia experts and family caregivers as the most complete, practical guide to Alzheimer’s and other dementias—now updated and expanded through end-of-life care.

This new edition of Surviving Alzheimer’s offers the best, most current thinking on how to help a loved one with memory loss and related symptoms without sacrificing YOU. You’ll learn:

  • What’s behind odd, frustrating behaviors like repetition, wandering, personality changes, bathing resistance, and aggression—and what you can do
  • How to defuse resentment, guilt, and family friction
  • What to say for better communication and more cooperation
  • Special advice for spouses, out-of-town caregivers, and other specific situations
  • 100s of confidence-raising solutions from top doctors, social workers, dementia specialists, and family caregivers


All in a fast, scannable format perfect for busy or overwhelmed dementia helpers.

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