Recommended Reading: Dementia Beyond Drugs

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Recommended Reading: Dementia Beyond Drugs

Book: Dementia Beyond Drugs:  Changing the Culture of Care (By: G. Allen Power)

Full of visionary and practical calls-to-action, Dementia Beyond Drugs: Changing the Culture of Care is an essential read for anyone involved in the care of an individual with dementia, including nursing staff, social workers, occupational therapists, medical directors, and administrators in all elder care settings. Family members of individuals with dementia and students breaking into the dementia care field will also benefit from the advice offered.

In this book, you will learn how to embrace more humanistic, enlightened practices that address the most common challenges in caring for people who live with dementia.

* Overcome communication challenges
* Minimize anxiety and depression
* Root out the causes of wandering
* Gain insights into paranoia and delusions

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