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Do you know the Difference Between a Stockbroker and an Investment Advisor?

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Few people understand the difference between an investment advisor and a stockbroker. The difference is substantial. An investment advisor is a fiduciary; this means they have a legal and ethical duty of primary loyalty to their clients. The interests of their clients are paramount. Investment advisors receive a fee based on a percentage of the […]


Medicare for All, Explained

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What are Medicare for All and Medicare for America, and how would these concepts change health care? As the 2020 presidential race heats up, voters are hearing more and more about Medicare for All. Yet, many of us aren’t sure exactly what that means. While Americans may fear letting go of the health care they […]



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Though the aging population continues to get larger, there is more need for long-term care. However, since most elderly Americans do not have long-term care insurance or have the assets to be self-insured, many people are dependent upon Medicaid, as Medicare’s coverage is much more limited when it comes to longer-term costs. The government helps […]


FDA Overhauls Supplements

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For the first time in a quarter-century, the feds are reviewing everything from vitamins to herbal tonics. Four out of five older consumers take dietary supplements, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in spite of the fact that they can interact with commonly prescribed medications. You may not know what is actually […]


As We Age, Healthy Sleep Without Prescription Drugs

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Numerous surprising new products help restore and improve slumber for older adults who don’t want to resort to drug therapy. Many seniors have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep. As we age, insomnia increases due to various factors, including the use of caffeine, tobacco and alcohol; poor sleep habits; medications; and disease. Particularly as […]


Expensive Prescription Drugs are a Problem For Us All

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In this era of intense partisanship, there is one issue on which politicians agree: Something must be done about the out-of-control increase in prices for prescription drugs. Older Americans have seen their prescription drug prices soar. Even if you do not take prescription drugs frequently or at all, you see the result of rising prices […]


The Shingles Vaccine Controversy

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Reactions to the Zostavax shingles vaccine inspired dozens of lawsuits, and now the CDC recommends rival Shingrix. But should you get it? Shingles is a painful viral infection that causes a rash, usually as a mass of blisters wrapping around the right or left side of the torso. A million cases of the disease occur […]


Preventing the Deadliest Diseases is Easier Than You Think

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Simply adding fiber to your diet can conquer several of the most common, and serious, diseases. Do you love carbohydrates, but thought they weren’t good for you? Think again. Fiber is a type of carb that your body can’t digest, and a review of recent studies show it plays an important role in fighting disease. […]


Three Things Make Older Adults Feel In Control

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Clues for improved physical, mental and emotional health are found in new research. A new study has identified three factors that are crucial to older adults’ best health outcomes. Psychology researchers found that sleep, mood and stress are critical components to older adults having a feeling of control over their lives, and this sense of […]


How to Help Protect Older Adults from Telephone and Internet Scams

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Financial fraud targeting older Americans is a growing epidemic that costs seniors an estimated $2.9 billion annually according to the Government Accountability Office (GAO). This estimate is likely low as often seniors do not report fraud because they are too ashamed to admit they have been scammed, may not even know that they are victims, […]


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