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Can Alzheimer’s and Dementia be Prevented with Regular Exercise?

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Alzheimer’s Disease is one of the biggest concerns many of us have as we get older. The thought of developing the disease can be a frightening prospect, especially if you’ve witnessed a loved one affected by dementia. While you may have been told that all you can do is hope for the best and wait […]


Tips for Staying Positive When Things Get Tough

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Life doesn’t care whether you’re having a good time or not. It’s going to keep ebbing and flowing either way. We all have bad moments, days, or even years. Positivity is a choice you have to practice making. We all know the clichés that are supposed to get us through dark times. “This too shall […]


Entertaining Discussion Topics For Seniors

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With Social Distancing, more of us are talking with seniors by phone and sometimes we run out of topics to discuss. Here are some tips and ideas for engaging conversations! Give them your full attention and be patient with them in case they can’t speak at a faster pace. Do not interrupt them because they […]


Ways To Ease Isolation While You’re Practicing Social Distancing

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We’ve all heard that to avoid the coronavirus, public health experts are advising people of all ages to stay home and practice social distancing as much as possible. This is particularly true for older adults and those with chronic medical conditions. Those actions will go a long way to helping limit the spread of the […]


Pickleball Is All the Rage Among Older Adults

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Forget tennis and golf. The “in” crowd is playing pickleball, and they’re having a blast. Recent retiree Ted Crawford moved to Grand Junction, Colorado from Denver just over a year ago “without knowing a soul.” He likes to keep fit and looked to the local college for activities. He discovered a thriving pickleball community and […]


Boosting Immunity in the Age of COVID-19

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There are several things you can do to help your body fight off exposure to any virus or bacteria, including the coronavirus.


More Companies Are Offering Internships for Adults

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‘Returnships’ help those who have taken time off get back into the workforce After 25 years in Washington, D.C., working in information technology, Jennifer O’Dowd decided to take time off and relocate to Dublin, Ireland, for her husband’s new job. A planned one-year break stretched to almost two, after which, she says, “I was ready […]


Should You Start Medicare If You Work Past 65?

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Prepare for working beyond age 65 by knowing the ins and outs of Medicare coverage … and what you need to do. You may have decided that working a year or two beyond 65 will give you an extra cushion in retirement. Maybe you love your job and can’t imagine quitting just yet, or you […]


Cost Getting in the Way of Dental Health

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Most Americans value a healthy smile and understand that dental care is linked to their overall physical well-being and health. Yet many older adults skip going to the dentist because of the expense, putting them at risk for more serious health issues. A recent AARP survey found that eight in ten adults over age 45 […]


Anger Worse for Health Than Sadness

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About one-quarter of people age 65 and over feel clinically depressed. More than half of visits to the doctor by older adults involve complaints of emotional distress. And depression is a primary cause of decline in quality of life-related to health for older adults, according to a recent study. You might assume that being sad […]