Recommended Reading for April 2020

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Dear Old Man: Letters to Myself On Growing Old Written by Charles Wells Full of good advice, wise counsel, and gentle humor, Dear Old Man is an essential guide for everyone who needs practical, sensitive direction in meeting life’s continuing challenges. Charles Wells, M.D., geriatric psychiatrist, shares his experience and insight in this fascinating guidebook […]


Can You Roll Over Your IRA to Avoid Tax?

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A little-known provision often allows those working past 72 to delay required minimum distributions. More and more Americans are working later in life, either because they have to or choose to do so. Perhaps you would like a little extra pocket money. Maybe you just got bored with retirement, or missed the intellectual and social […]


More Companies Are Offering Internships for Adults

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‘Returnships’ help those who have taken time off get back into the workforce After 25 years in Washington, D.C., working in information technology, Jennifer O’Dowd decided to take time off and relocate to Dublin, Ireland, for her husband’s new job. A planned one-year break stretched to almost two, after which, she says, “I was ready […]


Can a Sniff Test Rule out Alzheimer’s?

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Researchers have discovered that a simple sniff test, when combined with brief cognitive exams, can help predict a low likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s. Scientists have known for years that the olfactory bulb, responsible for transmitting smell information from the nose to the brain, is one of the first areas of the brain to be affected […]


Recommended Reading for March 2020

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I’m Too Young To Be Seventy: And Other Delusions By: Judith Viorst The beloved author of Forever Fifty and Suddenly Sixty tackles the ins and outs of becoming a septuagenarian with wry good humor. Fans of Viorst’s funny, touching, and wise decades poems will love these verses filled with witty advice and reflections on marriage, […]


Older Adults Outnumber Young Children

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There are more people aged 65 and over in the U.S. than under 5 for the first time ever. Here is what that could mean. People are living longer and having fewer children in developed countries, presenting new challenges and opportunities around the globe. In fact, there will be more older adults than children in […]