Recommended Reading for February 2020

Recommended Reading

Living With Dying: A Complete Guide for Caregivers By:  Jahnna Beecham  and Katie Ortlip, Authors When losing a loved one, we are at a loss: How do we talk about it? How do we make business and financial plans? How do we face the final hours? This book is the one book we need: respectful, experiential, […]


Anger Worse for Health Than Sadness

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About one-quarter of people age 65 and over feel clinically depressed. More than half of visits to the doctor by older adults involve complaints of emotional distress. And depression is a primary cause of decline in quality of life-related to health for older adults, according to a recent study. You might assume that being sad […]


70% of All Caregivers Over the Age of 70 Die First

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Do you take care of someone in your family with a chronic medical illness or dementia? Have you felt depression, anger or guilt? Has your health deteriorated since taking on the responsibility of caregiving? If your answer is yes to any one of these, you may be suffering from caregiver stress. This condition is increasingly […]


Finding Romance Later in Life

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Many seniors who are divorced, widowed or simply still single don’t want to spend retirement alone. Here are tips for dating after 60. Finding romance at any stage of life can be complicated, but older singles face additional hurdles. Some are looking for love after divorce, or they are widowed after a long marriage. They […]


Recommended Reading for January 2020

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Don’t Forget Your Sweater, Girl: Sister to Sister Secrets for Aging with Purpose and Humor By, Dr. Marilou Ryder and Jessica Thompson DON’T FORGET YOUR SWEATER, GIRL is a labor of love between two sisters who reached out to women ages 60 and over and asked them to share their hopes and dreams for the […]


The Dilemma of Delirium in Older Patients

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Ill and hospitalized older people sometimes experience episodes of delirium, a state of confusion and disorientation. For centuries considered a transient and reversible condition, delirium in older people is still viewed by many to be a normal consequence of surgery, chronic disease, or infections.