Best Gadgets for Older Adults

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We found low and high technology products that users swear by, whether for convenience or because they’ve completely altered the way an older adult lives.

Tech products for seniors abound, but how do you find the best for your needs? Figuring out how they work and what they really cost can be a tedious process, especially when a simpler solution might work just as well.

We’ve combed the internet for products that get stellar reviews and won’t break your budget. Some may be familiar to you, but with many wonderful tech products coming on the market every month, we’re willing to bet that there will be several you haven’t heard of.

Around the Home or Assisted Living Community

Sometimes, older adults just need a simple modification. Technology doesn’t have to be fancy to be helpful. Check out these aids for use in every room of the home.

  • If a rubber grip isn’t enough to help you open the tightest jars, try the Open Ease Automatic Jar Opener. Its push-button action and compact design will earn your approval.  $34.99
  • High shelves and cupboards can be a problem. Use the Reacher Grabber extension to pick up dropped items or reach high places. The ergonomic trigger handle and 32 inches of extension can save your back and help prevent falls.  $14.99
  • A full-length, anti-slip bathmat can help a family member avoid falls where they occur most often. $9.99
  • If putting on your shoes is a chore, try the shoe horn pro. With an ergonomic handle, stainless steel construction and extension up to 31 inches, you’ll find it indispensable. $11.99.
  • Turn on Light It!, a magnifying floor lamp, end enjoy hobbies you thought you had to give up. Tie a fly, paint a model, quilt or read a book: The six times magnification bifocal lens paired with 12 floodlight LEDs and a flexible metal neck allow you to use it at a workbench, by the bed, in the living room or anywhere you need it. $73.22.


  • The Tile Mate Combo Pack, is a great low tech solution to a common problem. If your loved one often misplaces their keys or phone, try attaching one of these slender white squares. Clip it to keys, stick it on a phone, or slip it into a wallet or purse. Use your phone to lead you to lost objects. If it’s your phone that’s missing, double tap your main tile to make it ring, even if it’s set on silent. There’s no battery to replace, and setup is easy. Pack only sells for about $60, or get adhesives for another $9.
  • A great tool for seniors with memory loss is DayClox. It features an easy-to-read digital display that includes the date. DayClox doesn’t abbreviate the month, which can be confusing for people suffering from dementia or stroke. It works straight from the box, and sells for about $54.

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