5 Popular Magazine Subscriptions for Seniors

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5 Popular Magazine Subscriptions for Seniors

We have all seen the general trend of moving away from newspapers, magazines, nd other print media to on-line news and entertainment, Facebook and Twitter. Today’s senior citizens, however, while embracing the Internet, cell phones, and even Facebook, still rely on these more traditional forms to access information  and be entertained. So, it’s fortunate that there are a number of interesting magazines available for and about seniors.

While it’s important to hear and read about medical breakthroughs and other practical advice that can be significant for older people to know, it’s also great to get pure entertainment that is meant just for us. Everyone tends to be interested in things relating to their own age group, so we’ve compiled a list of six good magazines for senior citizens.

One category that you might not be aware of is the nostalgia magazine.  Our first two selections on the list below focus on “the way things were”. Both are very popular for their ability to bring older folks back into their younger days by printing stories and photos from the 1920s through the 1980s. These magazines are not only entertaining, but can be great topic-starters for visits by younger family members who’d like to learn more about their older relative.

1.    Reminisce – The magazine that brings back the good old times (subscribe)

The emphasis is on positive stories and memories, with each issue loaded with photos and personal tales of what things were like “way back when.” Not only is this enjoyable for most seniors, it’s also a great way to trigger forgotten memories and stimulate ideas for conversation

2.    Good Old Days Magazine (subscribe)

Good Old Days magazine is similar to Reminisce. They offer a free trial issue, so you can have a look before you subscribe.  Each issue is filled with a mixture of reader-submitted photos and stories as well as recipes, classic advertisements, and even comics from the 1930s onward.

3. Today’s Senior Magazine(subscribe)

Today’s Senior Magazine says that it’s “For the 50 plus mature adult, who has a fondness for the past but looks forward to the future.” In other words, it’s a mix of stories and topics from decades past along with useful information about current and upcoming issues and events that seniors should be aware of.

4. AARP – The Magazine(subscribe)

The AARP puts out a magazine six times per year.  The content runs the gamut from healthcare topics to entertainment to travel to gadgets to politics, all formatted and written for their specific audience. In addition to the news and features, each issue also includes information about discounts and benefits available for AARP members.

5.     Reader’s Digest – large print edition (subscribe)

We’ve all grown up with it and know its familiar format of short, interesting articles and regular columns and features such as “Humor in Uniform” and “Life in these United States.”

The regular magazine is also famously compact so the special large-print edition is the perfect fit for seniors.



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